Autumn 2015: Photography Blog

After considering posting a grouping of seasonal images since late last winter, I’ve finally bowed to doing so. A grouping from this past fall …

10.9.15 tripping16

Milkweed seeds stretched by a prairie wind.

11.2.15 road3

After sitting in the prairie grasses for nearly an hour waiting for another one of those glowing red sunsets, I came away feeling pleased with the soft, muted beauty of the cone flower heads.

Ardie's Pond

An autumn portrayal of Ardie’s Pond … where Rebecca and other friends of Ardie’s come to swim.

Autumn Roadside Celebration

Mixing the colors of roadside prairie grasses with the reds of sumac in the background.

Buck at Bonanza

A whitetail buck peeking through the timber at Bonanza … Big Stone State Park.

Cloud Leaks and Cottonwood

Cloud “leaks” and a lone cottonwood …

Cottonwoods on Lost Creek

Cottonwoods along Lost Creek … Yellow Medicine County.

Forest Etchings

Forestal etchings of autumn ….

Geese in Bluestem Sunrise

A pre-dawn flight of geese through the shadows of Big Bluestem on our home prairie …


Rich, early morning light on the grasses and trees at Bonanza …

Hilltop in Autumn

A pastoral early autumn hillside …

Layering of Sumac

Layering of sumac and prairie grasses at Bonanza …

November Bluestem

Layering of colors of Big Bluestem at the Big Stone Wildlife Refuge …

Oak and Grass

Oak and prairie grasses …

Oaks in Yellow

I love the strength of the burr oaks … with the accent of yellow poking through.

Outcrops in Autumn Red

Outcrops in red … sumac and granite

Poplar Treetops

The morning after a huge prairie wind had taken all the leaves from poplar trees along the Minnesota River near Granite Falls … leaving on the few on the treetops.

Prairie Dawning

The morning after the corn was harvest adjacent to our prairie … our first vista since early July was a sunrise celebration.

Sunflower Dawn

Delicate … sunflowers in our prairie stand stark against pre-dawn pinkish clouds.

Technacolor Autumn

Technicolor Autumn at Bonanza …

Staghorn sumac delicately poking through Bonanza's prairie grasses.

Staghorn sumac delicately poking through Bonanza’s prairie grasses.

A tern fights harsh winds at the Minnesota headwaters ...

A tern fights harsh winds at the Minnesota headwaters …

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