No Words …

Sometimes, no words are necessary …. •snirt1 snirt2 snirt3 snirt4 snirt5 snirt6 snirt7 snirt9 snirt12 snirt13 snirt15 snirt16 snirt17 snirt18 snirt19 snirt20 snirt21 snirt22 snirt23 snirt24 snirt25 snirt26 snirt27 snirt28 snirt29 snirt30 snirt31 snirt32 snirt33 snirt35 snirt36 snirt37 snirt38 snirt39 snirt40 snirt41 snirt42 snirt43 snirt44 snirt46 snirt47 snirt48 snirt49 snirt50 snirt51 snirt52 snirt53

* Brought to you by a failed Federal Farm Policy and a lack of due diligence on area croplands. Images were made on the morning of January 11, 2015, in Big Stone, Chippewa and Lac qui Parle Counties.

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About John G. White

Somewhat retired after a long award-winning career in newspapers (Wisconsin State Journal, Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Denver Post and a country weekly, the Clara City Herald). Free lance photographer and writer with credits in more than 70 magazines. Editor with various Webb Publishing magazines in St. Paul, and a five year stint as editorial director at Miller Meester Advertising.

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